Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Baseball Midseason Awards/Predictions

Well, we have reached the midway point of baseball season, and today I will both look back at the first half and ahead to the second. First, my midseason awards...

AL MVP - David Ortiz. The Red Sox have taken the lead in the AL East with their recent surge, and Ortiz has been the one leading the way.

AL Cy Young - Roy Halladay. Halladay has no competition as far as this award goes. His 12 wins and 2.33 ERA easily lead the American League.

NL MVP - Derrek Lee. Need I explain? Lee's Triple Crown-caliber performance is the only reason the Cubs are still in the wild-card race.

NL Cy Young - Dontrelle Willis. This is the toughest call of the bunch. Based on pure pitching performance, the edge would seem to go to Roger Clemens, but Dontrelle's whopping 13 wins put him ahead.

Now, my predictions as to how the season will unfold from here on out...

AL East Champ - Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox seem to already have a commanding lead, despite the fact that they are only on top by two games. The Orioles are fading out of picture, and I doubt that the Yankees can catch the newly-dubbed Surgin' Sox.

AL Central Champ - Chicago White Sox. They have built such a sizeable lead that I doubt they will find a way to lose the division, even though I believe Minnesota is a better team.

AL West Champ - Los Angeles. Literal translation - the Angels. That's all I'm going to say on that one.

AL Wild Card - Minnesota Twins. The only team with a real chance to overtake the Twins is New York, but Minnesota's acquisition of Bret Boone gives the Twins a slight edge.

NL East Champ - Atlanta Braves. I'm willing to bet that 14 is Atlanta's lucky number, as I'm picking them to win their 14th straight division title. Sure, the Nats are a good story, but they're not a good team, and that will show in the second half.

NL Central Champ - St. Louis Cardinals. No explanation needed.

NL West Champ - San Diego Padres. The Padres are the best team in baseball's worst division - a distinction that will land them in the playoffs.

NL Wild Card - Florida Marlins. The Marlins have a lot of ground to make up, but I think they can do it, provided Mike Lowell turns his season around and the D-Train keeps on rolling.

ALCS - Red Sox over Angels. I have my doubts about Chicago's chances in the postseason, and these are the best of the rest, so there ya go.

NLCS - Braves over Cardinals. Hey, I have to pick at least one upset! Once Atlanta's injury problems clear up, the Braves will be an extremely dangerous team capable of knocking off the Cards.

World Series - Red Sox over Braves. Yes, I know I'm copping out by picking the Sox to repeat, but the fact is that they are the best team in baseball right now.

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