Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Zen and the Art of Basketball Coaching

Although Phil Jackson's return to the Los Angeles Lakers doesn't come as a huge surprise, it puzzles me. There are numerous reasons why this move doesn't make sense, at least in my mind. First, but not necessarily foremost, is the one that the media has been so concerned about over the past few weeks: can Phil and Kobe coexist? Are you kidding me? After Phil called Kobe "uncoachable"? No way. Kobe cemented my point of view yesterday when he released a less-than-rousing endorsement of Jackson's hiring. Not only that, but Phil has never shown he can mold a young team into a championship contender, which is what he'll be forced to do with the Lakers. Instead, he has always handpicked teams that appear ready to burst onto the scene; that's the reason he has as many championships as Red Auerbach, a travesty if you ask me. The Lakers are nowhere near that level, and are not in position to get there anytime soon; their salary-cap woes are enormous. Mark my words: this honeymoon will last one year, maybe two, but that's it.
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