Monday, May 30, 2005


Sun Rising In Miami, Setting In Phoenix

Three games have now been played in each of the NBA conference finals, and the two series appear to be going in opposite directions. Here are my thoughts on what we've seen so far.

Let's begin with the Eastern Conference Finals, otherwise known as the Dwyane Wade Show. I was hesitant to jump on this kid's bandwagon, unlike seemingly every media "expert", but after his last two brilliant performances, I have seen the light. First, in Game 2, he blows past defenders time and time again, collecting countless layups and dunks en route to 20 fourth-quarter points and a Miami victory. Then, after hearing everyone say he can't replicate that success in Game 3, he proves them right. He doesn't; instead, he turns to his much-improved jump shot, scoring the majority of his 36 points from outside the paint. What a way to silence your critics! I'm not going to change my series pick; after all, I'm not one to flip-flop. However, if Wade can keep this up, and if Shaq can continue opening up the floor for the supporting cast, the Heat has a good shot at unseating the defending champs.

Meanwhile, the West appears to have already been won, with San Antonio taking a commanding 3-0 lead over Phoenix. I thought the Spurs would win this series easily, but not this easily. Make no doubt about it: there is no way the Suns will pull off a Red Sox miracle; San Antonio is just too good. The sweep will be completed tonight.
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